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Snow White by Cryling
Snow White
 LOL! Let me tell u how I always had my own mixed up version in which she always saw a horrific face in mirrors and to "cure" herself she put poison in an apple, killing her; ridding her of those evil illusions
Manga Page by Cryling
Manga Page
I'm trying to get back into this :p NO WORDS IN YET! Just wanted to test the screentones and what not :)
Seeing myself standing alone,

In the cold darkness with nothing to hold.

The small ray of light I shall atone,

A tearful sight I know behold.

This gnashing night an enormous hate,

Those eyes as black as coal.

Changing my fate,

This heart in which he stole.

Still I moved nonetheless content,

Having no suspicions of his lies.

I did not stop, I did not repent,

Although I could not look into his eyes.

A drop, perhaps a tear,

Falls from the eyes I see.

Maybe he too, cannot hear,

The words that come from the.

He did not give me impunity,

Unaware of my explanation.

This spark of inhumanity,

Will impose his immolation.

These dark feelings of resentment,

Have rose my true successions.

I shall achieve a punishment,

One of such deadly impressions.

I will not pause, I will not wait,

Under the cold white moon.

As he embraces her by the gate,

Wondering if it will be over soon.

Its not hard to find,

Why she left before the crime.

For she too in her mind,

Thought their lives were sublime.

However its a lie,

Extremely weak and poor.

I cannot help but sigh,

As I creep through the door.

His house so quiet,

Empty and dark.

You may not find it,

With a single white mark.

And there he lay asleep,

Upon a luxurious life.

He shall now weep,

As I pull out my knife.

He woke up in terror,

Begging for forgiveness.

Without a savior,

There is no kindness.

His blood all over,

The wall and the floor.

There is no remover,

My arm is now sore.

I wash my hands,

No evidence found.

He no longer stands,

Upon my ground.

I felt so relieved,

Happy and pleased.

I may not have believed,

I would be so appeased

It seemed so wrong,

But surely right.

Maybe with a song,

I will sleep tonight.

Although there is guilt,

I will not give in.

This cup will not be split,

For this little sin.

Like a black raven,

I will fly away.

We are now even,

That is all I can say.

She may find him there,

In the morning or noon.

Waiting for his glare,

To meet her’s soon.

Unknowing his state,

This will not be.

She will have to wait,

Until she meets me.

And here I stay,

With my Bloody knife.

Waiting for the day,

To take her life.

She begged me for it,

I paid no mind.

She insisted it,

Death was not in mind.

I started to wonder,

New ways for suffering.

Not the final slumber,

But on earth living.

She shall be alone,

In an empty house.

With no one to own,

Trapped like a mouse.

Waiting for life to end,

She want’s to be with him.

Wanting to descend,

With guilt on her brim.

She will not go yet,

Tonight or today.

Caught in a net,

She is here to stay.

She will not leave,

With her last breathe.

Instead she will grieve,

Over his death.

I do not feel poor,

Rather in light.

Happy forevermore,

With much delight.

I no longer feel guilt,

I think it is lame.

This wall I have built,

Gives me no shame.

But every night,

I look at that knife.

Afraid I might,

Take another life.
I know I'm not always around, or seem to care. But trust me I do. We all do. I'm a worry- wart, I worry more about others, you may not notice but I do. I may not tell you, or be beside you but I worry! It would be selfish if I had not thought about it at least once. I'm not there because I feel unwanted, uninvited to your world. So if you wish it be, I will stay in mine. Yes, it may be lonely, but as long as you are satisfied with it, then i'm fine. I know I don't talk to you much, but I want to. I'm just not one for words. I can write, but I cannot tell you in person, because I get nervous, or I just lose myself. I know I'm not the best, or if not the greatest. No one is! I know i'm awkward. I know that is weird. Why am I awkward? Because I'm just that way, I can't change that really. If you can't change yourself, why and how should I change? I know this sounds harsh, this question I ask you. I can't help but to ask. I know some people barely know me, but they are an inscription, a memory within my mind. I know some things have changed, and will keep changing over time. I know I may not be as supportive as I wish to be, but if you need me I'm there. I'm just waiting for you to notice me. I know not many will listen or believe me. But what I say is true...


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Karissa Woodward
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Im a Gemini XD

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